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Kona Coffee

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100% Pure Kona Coffees
All Coffee is Guaranteed
Fresh Roasted & Shipped to Order Only!

Blair Estate Organic Kauai Coffee Searching for the perfect cup of coffee has been an ongoing adventure in our lives, and this ultimately led us to the oldest island in the Hawaiian chain. Kauai’s natural environment makes it ideal for growing premium coffee, so we decided to establish our Blair Estate farm at the foot of Makaleha Mountain. In an attempt to utilize what nature has provided, we opted to grow organically, and believe it has led to an exceptional cup of coffee that rivals the world’s best. Our 100% Blair Estate Kauai Coffee is certified organic, hand picked, fermented, and fresh roasted to order on Kauai.
$195/5 lbs.
$380/10 lbs.
Kona Extra Fancy The highest grade of 100% Kona coffee available. The large size and high density of these beans all contribute to an exceptional taste in the cup. This is a highly sought after bean among the world's coffee connoisseurs. All coffee is fresh roasted and packed in individual 1 pound bags.
$170/5 lbs.
$330/10 lbs.

Kona Peaberry Peaberry Kona coffee offers connoisseurs one of the finest and perhaps rarest coffee beans in the world. Only an estimated 4 percent of the annual Kona coffee harvest yields a Peaberry grade of coffee. Peaberry occurs when a coffee tree is stressed in its growing environment, resulting in an individual coffee cherry producing only one round and very dense bean rather than the usual two beans. The taste of Peaberry in the cup is simply exquisite.

$180/5 lbs.
$350/10 lbs.
100% Kona Private Select Our Kona Private Select is a blend of two of our most popular 100% Kona coffees. We found that by blending 100% Kona estate grade (which we have exclusively roasted for coffee shops on Kauai until now) with 100% Kona Extra fancy, it unlocks flavors that truly represents the Kona region. All coffee is fresh roasted and packed in individual 1 pound bags.
$160/5 lbs.
$310/10 lbs.
Kona Swiss Water Processed Decaffeinated Due to circumstances in Kona, our Kona Swiss Water Processed Decaffeinated coffee is currently unavailable. Click here to read more about the Kona coffee situation.
Blair Estate Reserve World Blend We’ve been roasting and blending international coffee for coffee houses throughout Kauai for many years. While you can probably imagine the number of international combinations we’ve experimented with over that time, we have chosen our favorite, and it includes Blair Estate coffee. This blend recipe is held in secret by our roast master, and uses premium beans from as far away as the Arabian Peninsula to the high slopes of Central and South America.
100% Hawaiian Foods & Gifts
Coffee Times is proud to offer a line of quality Hawaiian products that will suit the most discriminating tastes. As a gift for a loved one or for yourself our products will provide 100% satisfaction or return them for a full refund.
MUG- Stainless Steel Travel Mug by Coffee Times Coffee Times Stainless Steel Travel Mug with Logo and "Kauai, Hawaii" printed in black.
BOOK- A Cup of Aloha by Gerald Kinro A wonderfully written portrayal of the history behind Kona coffee. Born and raised on a coffee farm in Kona, Kinro paints a vivid picture of what life was and continues to be like on a coffee plantation in Hawaii. Kings, Queens, affairs and pirates the author captures it all within this book. The book is filled with many great photos and even a reference to Coffee Times!
Chocolate Covered Kona Macadamia Nuts 100% Kona Macadamia nuts draped in rich gourmet dark chocolate.
Chocolate Covered Kona Peaberry Coffee Beans Medium roasted 100% Kona Peaberry coffee beans draped in rich gourmet dark chocolate.
HONEY- Hawaiian Wild Flower Our 100% Hawaiian honey is raw and unprocessed and some of the cleanest on earth and is collected from hive locations around the island of Kauai.
HAT- Coffee Times Logo Dyed Soft Baseball Cap
Coffee Times Logo dyed soft baseball hat with "Fresh Roasted Since 1993, Kauai, Hawaii" printed on rear. Colors: Steel Blue, Khaki.
SHIRT- Anti-Counterfeiting Cartoon T-Shirt by Coffee Times
Our logo on the front and the funny anti-counterfeiting cartoon on the back. Colors: Natural, Ice Grey, Vegas Gold.
Burlap Bag Official LBD Coffee Logo Bag
Souvenir LBD Coffee Company burlap coffee bag.
$30.00/5 bags
$50.00/10 bags
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