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Aloha! You’re a lucky traveler—you’re on a vacation in Hawai‘i. This guide will help you get the most out of your trip by pointing out the best on each of the main Hawaiian Islands, especially if you’re here for the first time. But before we begin, let’s cover some general information and some dos and don’ts for your trip of a lifetime.

If you’re a first time visitor to Hawai‘i, O‘ahu is probably your first stop. This is the “main” island—the most developed and the most populated. Some of the state’s iconic attractions, like Diamond Head, Waikiki Beach, ‘Iolani Palace and Pearl Harbor are located on O‘ahu’s south shore. O‘ahu is where you go for the urban Hawai‘i experience—it’s home to Honolulu, the capital city, with its shopping, dining, arts and culture—but the island is also home to some of the finest beaches and most beautiful mountain vistas in the state; you just have to be willing to get out of Waikiki to see them.
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Maui is second to O‘ahu in terms of development and resort options for visitors. Whether you’re heading to the ragged coast of Kapalua, the lush valleys of Hana or the nightlife in Kihei, there are four- and five-star hotels, golf courses, stunning beaches, great food and nightlife. But the Valley Isle is also rich in cultural and historical sites and opportunities to experience Hawai‘i’s unique natural heritage up close. read more

Welcome to Hawai‘i, a.k.a the Big Island, a.k.a the Orchid Isle. You probably landed in either Hilo or Kona, and because we can’t begin our tour from both places, we’ll start this guide in Kona and proceed counterclockwise around the island. (If you landed in Hilo, just flip ahead and start from there.) The only other way to travel between Kona and Hilo is the rough Saddle Road, which many car rental agencies consider off-limits. The Saddle Road is currently being upgraded, however, and some car companies now permit travel over it. read more

Touching down on Kaua‘i, some people feel that they’ve arrived at a spiritual place, one of the planet’s “power spots.” Whatever that might mean to you, you will be enchanted by Kaua‘i: Ocean and sky, streams and rivers, forests and mountains will all embrace you as you find your own connection with the spirit of Kaua‘i. read more

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