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Aloha Coffee Lover!

Thank you for choosing Coffee Times 100% Hawaiian coffee! Great care has been taken in the growing, processing, milling and personal roasting of your Hawaiian coffee. The fruits of our labor and the pure taste of Hawaii are now yours to enjoy and we are certain that this taste, whether it is your first or not, will not be your last.

Brewing your coffee for consumption is the final step in a journey that first began in the hands of a Hawaii coffee grower. If done right you will be amazed at the diversity of tastes our island coffees have to offer. Our array of roasts include medium, full city and dark. The medium roast has a mild and full bodied taste and aroma while a slightly less caffeinated, pungent and strong coffee taste characterizes the dark roast. The full city roast or middle roast compliments both ends of the roast spectrum.

We have our own simple method of storing, grinding and brewing coffee here at Coffee Times and we thought that we would pass this information on to you. The fresh roasted beans you have just received are accompanied with this simple brewer’s guide to assist you in making the best cup of coffee possible.

Enjoy the wonderful taste of 100% Hawaiian coffee that now await you!

Les and Gigi Drent Coffee Times

How We Make the Perfect Cup

fter roasting our 100% Hawaiian coffee we store our beans in a well sealed bag in the freezer and grind them only to brew. While there are many excellent ways to make a great cup of coffee we still recommend using a French Press for making the best cup. For any method you choose including the popular drip method we suggest using one rounded tablespoon (8.5 grams) of ground coffee per “cup” (about 4oz.). After adding hot water we stir the coffee. This allows the grounds to fully interact with the hot water. We then allow the coffee to steep for 3-5 minutes before plunging. Another hint is to warm your empty cup prior to pouring your coffee. This will help maintain the proper temperature of your coffee. When using a drip coffee maker we recommend using a natural paper filter. Metal and cloth filters can also be used but we feel that natural paper is best. Also remember that your water source should reach a temperature of at least 190- 200 degrees Fahrenheit to properly make a cup of coffee. Do not use boiling water as it can burn the grinds. If adding sugar or milk we recommend that you use a washed raw sugar from Hawaii and fresh cream only. Now it’s time to enjoy your coffee!

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