Island Life

Hawaii Forest & Trail

(Fall/Winter 1999-2000)  Who would have ever guessed that a children's naturalist program started in May of 1993 by Rob Pacheco would have grown into one of Hawaii's premier tour operations by...

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Jen's Kohala Cafe

 (Fall/Winter 1999-2000) Complementing the rich tradition of history in North Kohala is an eatery that is making a name for itself. Creating great food and creating the right food for...

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Lo'ihi - Hawaii's Coming Attraction

 (Fall/Winter 1999-2000) As sci-fi fanatics geared up for the May release of The Phantom Menace, the next installment of George Lucas's Star Wars series, another blockbuster sequel rose quietly in...

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East Meets West

 (Spring/Summer 2003) When I realize that the last 13 years of my life has been spent on an island in the Pacific far from the roots of my New England upbringing...

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Big Island Farmers Markets

 (Spring/Summer 2006) Just before dawn, as the sky begins to lighten at the rim of the horizon, the farmers markets come to life all across the Big Island. Trucks and vans...

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