Is it Tex Drive In or Tex "Dine In"?

by Les Drent

Tex drive In owner, Ada Pulin-Lamme, testing out her new malasada factory. photo credit: Les Drent

When some things of old change they have a tendency to leave the past sadly behind but for everyone involved including its loyal patrons the new look of Tex Drive In in Honokaa is a welcome sight.

By far the busiest spot in Honokaa, Tex Drive In, is an eatery that plays host to not only local patrons but a countless number of tour busses filled with island visitors that make their way around Hawaii.

Famous for her malasadas (Hawaiian donuts) Tex Drive In owner Ada Pulin-Lamme took a big leap this past Summer and completely remodeled her Hamakua restaurant.

Perhaps the most memorable moment of this face lift was when the County of Hawaii Health Department issued Tex Drive In a special permit to operate a makeshift kitchen in the parking lot during the heavy construction months of June & July.

Not only was Ada able to continue operating her business during this time of construction but she was also able to preserve the jobs of her many loyal employees. This cooperation was a great example of how local government and business can work together for the benefit of all.

The newly renovated Tex Drive In features a 21st century contemporary look that includes an expanded indoor dining room with optional table service, outside seating to accommodate 50 guests, and even a glass viewing room where guests can watch Ada's new malasada factory in the working. To accommodate larger groups a special buffet service is now available.

Among the popular selection of menu items featured at the new Tex Drive In are a variety of freshly made tortilla spinach tomato Tex wraps like the China style wrap with stir fry vegetables, chicken or fish.

When done dining and before making the long winding journey back to Hilo or Kona, travelers can look forward to a relaxing stroll to stretch their driving legs in Ada's own garden. The garden even includes such plant rarities as cinnamon and apricots.

Now ready to accommodate visitors well into the next millennium Tex Drive In is really worth the stop. Congratulations Ada!

Tex Drive In is located on Hwy. 19 in Honokaa. Phone (808) 775-0598.

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