Kauai’s Only Organic Coffee Farm is Now Open

by Les Drent

With only a few dabs of paint remaining (hip, hip, hurray) we’re proud to announce the opening of our farm visitor center. The coffee roaster is seasoned and in just a few short months we will be in the fields picking the season’s new coffee as we also entertain coffee lovers from around the globe.

What turned out to be a very rough winter for weather (sounds awkward to snowbirds I know) we none the less made it through the windy conditions with a healthy March flowering and April fruit set. This year’s coffee harvest should be bountiful and last year’s first crop received great reviews from some of Kona’s toughest coffee critics! When asking for taste reference from people that grow some of the world’s best coffee there is no doubt a nervous tension in your body as you await the responses. Knowing that in our first year our coffee measured up we expect even better results as we strive to perfect our milling, drying and coffee grading practices.

With construction concluded it will be a pleasure turning our energies solely to coffee again. We hope you will have the chance to visit Blair Estate coffee farm if you find yourself in Kauai. Open daily except on holidays it would be best to call ahead to schedule an appointment as we are small, family run, and do occasionally step out.

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