The High Quality Way

by George Yasuda

Kona coffee orchard should not be haphazardly planned, planted, and maintained. A poorly designed and installed orchard would have limited production, high tree loss, poor fruit quality, short tree life, and would be harder to maintain; it would also be unsightly.

On the other hand, a well designed and installed orchard will have high production, high quality coffee and healthy long living trees. It will also be easier to maintain, be a delight aesthetically, and a pleasure to own. To achieve an awesome orchard it takes more than just planting a tree in the ground. It involves several other things: using proven techniques; doing it right from the beginning to the very end; not cutting corners; and using optimum quality proven products. Doing it right also saves you a lot of time, money, and headaches.

Also beware of quality "imitations." Imitations can be in the form of: inferior coffee plants, inferior coffee orchard growing techniques, and ineffective fertilizers. Coffee orchards should produce high quality coffee for decades and even for more than a century if done correctly. The beautiful orchards developed by George Yasuda of Tiare Lani Coffee are of awesome quality. Let the orchards such as those in these photographs speak for themselves.

The "proof is in the pudding": beautiful productive trees laden with high quality beans that brew into superb tasting coffee. And the fringe benefit is the pleasantry of enjoying and owning an awesome high quality coffee orchard.

6 months old trees 5 feet tall.

Two year old trees with 35 pounds of cherry per year.

One year old trees with 12 pounds of cherry per tree. Trees are 8 ft. tall.

Large, plump, defect free cherries from Tiare Lani Coffee trees.

Two year old trees with 30 pounds of cherry per tree.

One year old trees with 11 pounds of cherry per tree. Trees are 9 ft. tall.

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