Kona Family Produces Winning Coffee

by Les Drent

Rebekah Lee with two of Heavenly Hawaiian farm’s miniature donkeys.

In 1994, Kraig A. Lee and his father-in-law Rae F. Young ventured together to start Heavenly Hawaiian Farm on the slopes of Mt. Hualalai above KailukKona, Hawaii. With their trust firmly planted in the Lord, Kraig & Rae went right to work building the family’s two homes, barn, wet mill and stock nursery.

After Heavenly Hawaiian Farm was well into production, Kraig perfected the art of grafting coffee trees resistant to the “Kona Nematode”. In its first year of production this unique orchard, The Other Farm, won 1st Place in the “2000 Cup for the Millenium” Kona Coffee Cupping Contest. In its second year, 2001, The Other Farm entry garnered “Honorable Mention”.

Kraig up to his neck in coffee and loving it!

Rae and his wife Sandy invested in a small herd of registered Miniature Donkeys. Besides companions for Kraig and Sheryl’s daughters, Rebekah & Sarah, these “mascots” of the Kona coffee-farming scenario add their typical “song” to the atmosphere. Since the beginning of Kona coffee it has never been enough to farm coffee for a living so Kraig and Rae are also co-owners of RE/MAX Brokers of Kailua-Kona, HI and have a seasoned understanding of farms and properties in the Kona area. Whether you want to buy or sell Kona property, put their expertise to work for you. You can reach them at (800) 756-0210.

Visitors are welcome to visit Heavenly Hawaiian Farm and appointments for personal tours can be set up by calling 808-322-7720. You can also visit their web site at www.heavenlyhawaiian.com to purchase or learn more about their award winning 100% Kona coffee.

Left: Harvesting Coffee. Right: Kraig grafting liberian coffee root stock onto a Kona coffee seedling.

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