Kona Coffee Travels

A page dedicated to those of you who won’t leave home without it!

by Les Drent

Amsterdam's The Bulldog club.

During the last eight years of marketing Kona coffee I have encountered countless numbers of customers who share the same comical yet earnest sentiments about their refusal to leave home without their cherished beans. Being on the road without a cup of Kona coffee in hand is a hardship that most of you are simply not willing to endure. Neither am I, for that matter!

So while I roast year round to feed our delightful habit, I'm always amused and entertained by the "around the world" stories I hear from all of you as you globetrot with my Kona coffee.

A postcard from Dinard on the eastern shore of France.

Whether it be a winter escape to Tucson, Arizona; a visit to the in-laws in Woodstock, Vermont; a sales trip to Mobile, Alabama, a ski getaway in Montana; or a summer trip around Europe you have won my heart with your stories of travel and dedication to bringing my beans along for the journey.

I thought it might be fun to grace a page in this issue with a few images from long time customer Eric Malstrom's summer tour around Europe. When he's not enjoying his cup of Kona coffee, Eric teaches English at Alta Loma High School in Alta Loma, California. Over the years he has learned time and time again that leaving home without his Kona coffee beans is simply not an option. Through email from a sidewalk cafe, postcards, and a personal photo I had fun following him around Europe this past summer.

Raining heavily that day Eric and his wife Judy manage to make a cup of Kona coffee while relaxing on a wall in the Ardennes near Spa, Belgium.

Perhaps this will be the start a new and fun page in the magazine: following you and your Kona coffee around the world. Happy travels and many great cups of coffee!

~ Les

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